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Every culture has its own cuisine and Scandinavians are no different. Our members bring with them tried and true family recipes that we are sharing here. Enjoy!


Semlor   10 buns -from member Saga Thovtrup


1 1/2 pkg dry yeast 

1 cup milk 

3 Tbsp butter 

1 egg 

3 1/4 cup flour 

(1 tsp cardamom) 


Melt butter.  Add milk. 

Heat to luke warm. 

Add yeast and sugar. 

Add egg. Add flour. 

And work the dough until smooth. 

Cover the dough with cloth. 

Let rest until double in size. 

Turn dough onto floured board. 

Knead. Divide into 10 pieces. 

Shape into round buns. Please on greased baking sheet.  Leave to rise. 

Bake 400 degrees 10-15 min 

Cut lid off bun.  Fill with whip cream and almond paste.  Replace lid. 

Sift with powdered sugar. 

Serve with coffee or hot milk around the bun in a saucer.

Mazariner -from member Linnea Koagedal

(I bake these cookies always at Christmas. It takes a little time, but everyone enjoys them).


100 gram butter

50 gram sugar

1 egg

165 gram flour

1/2 tsp. baking powder

Cream the butter until soft and add sugar and egg. Last add the flour mixed with the baking powder. Dough is pressed in to small metal forms and the filling is added to form.


2 eggs, 150 grams of sugar, 75 grams of butter, 100-125 grams of almonds (ground up) and a click of jam in bottom of form before you put in the almond filling.

Bake at approx. 350 oven

Cooking conversion table: 100-125 grams = 4 oz.



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